Cloudflare images slow to upload

I am using a php/CURL script to upload images to Cloudflare images. But its taking 3 seconds to upload a 5MB file. Any ideas on how to improve the speed? Is it a server limitation or connecting/ uploading bottleneck?

It really depends on the speed of your connection. For example: 5MB in 3 seconds on my internet is good since I’m on DSL :smile:

If you provide more info about your connection as well as how you’re uploading the image we might be able to help more, depends on whether there’s really anything to fix.

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I am using this for a backend solution to store images for a website- it’s coming from AWS ec2 instance to Cloudflare. I tested doubling the size of the server and it’s still 3 seconds. Which is ok speed but time 50 images it really bogs it down and the upload script looks stuck.

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