Cloudflare images returned error 520. What does it mean?

I’m using images for my app.
I got error 520 for bunch of images. This was a one time issue, but Id like to know:

  1. Why it happened? Is this a just a hiccup or should I be worried? I don’t have real live traffic yet, so I’m concerned what will happen when I will start getting real traffic…
  2. Should my code somehow deal with this? How?

When I put the image URL directly in the browser I got a message that the variant does not exist. After a couple of refresh it solved itself.

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Could you please try without the service worker and/or send the headers? We would need to have a cf-ray header to investigate.

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Unfortunately I didn’t capture cf-ray when it happened, and it doesn’t happen anymore.
The request didn’t go through a worker. The website itself is a site-worker, but the request for the image came directly from the browser to cf-images.

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