Cloudflare Images - retrieve the original file upload?

Once you have uploaded an image to Cloudflare Images, is there a way to retrieve the original/unmodified file? Looking at the API, you can only get back a variant - although they there is a somewhat confusing example variant name “original” in the docs at Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

There are many reasons one might want the original back but a notable example would be if I later to decide to take my images for hosting elsewhere.

PS - glad to see this written up at Daniel Skogly's blog | Cloudflare Images has a lot of issues


I also suggested this in the Google Form feature request and to the images email address. I am thinking to save it in S3 (or R2 if that launches in time) if they do not offer this but the /original variant is the way to go.

My application takes user provided content that those users may want to retrieve at a later date, and I can see situations where not having the original would cause them problems.

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