Cloudflare Images Questions

Two questions for anyone in the know to answer please;

  1. RE FEES:

“Images are priced at $5 per 100,000 images stored and $1 per 100,000 images delivered — with no egress costs or additional charges for resizing and optimization.”

Are the monthly fees per site (website/domain) or per account?

  1. Wordpress integration - how to? I have a food blogging site and the editor uploads 1,000 images per week all of them above 1meg. Would be awesome if CF Images could integrate a bit more like Jetpack does with a plugin that offloads the images as soon as they are uploaded…

Thank you

  1. Monthly fees are per image delivered/stored in the entire account, there’s no relation to how many sites you have. If you deliver/store the same amount, you will be charged the same amount, regardless of how many sites you have.

  2. I’m unsure about this, as Cloudflare already has APO which provides image/HTML caching at the Cloudflare edge so am uncertain about whether they would consider such a plugin useful.
    If you wanted to do it manually you could always upload the images via the Cloudflare dashboard and then insert the image links that it gives you into Wordpress.