Cloudflare Images on Wordpress via Cloudflare Workers

Hi everyone,

I have read through some earlier topics, but unfortunately I cannot respond to those anymore.
I am looking for a solution for my WooCommerce store that dynamically serves optimized and resized images, ideally also in the desired format (like .webp).

It seems people have been able to achieve this by using the native wordpress image functionality combined with Cloudflare Workers. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction how to set this up? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Following this - also want documentation on how to use workers with CF images and Wordpress

i dont know about that but Cloudflare polish should help you

Image Resizing feature would be ideal for it.
You just need to format the URL for your desired usage to configure quality, resolution, filetype (webp, avif …).

I don’t see the need to use Workers for it :thinking:

Except, if you configure a Worker to run that kind of code / script to do what you want to achieve on a specific URI pattern like*, then it makes sense to me to use Workers :slight_smile:

Sharing the docs here:

Cloudflare Images product is not the same as Cloudflare Image Resizing feature.

Furthermore, on using Cloudflare Images and WordPress, here is my post:

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