Cloudflare images not being served in AVIF in Chrome/Firefox

Hello I have uploaded multiple images but they are getting served in webp instead of AVIF

From the docs

The first format that Cloudflare Images will try to serve is AVIF. It will fall back to WebP if the browser does not support AVIF. If the browser does not support either AVIF or WebP, Cloudflare Images will default to serving the image format you uploaded


Hello there,

AVIF format is supported on a best-effort basis. Images that cannot be compressed as AVIF will be served as WebP instead.

How can all my images be uncompresable to AVIF, can you give me a sample image which I can upload to verify AVIF compression even works.

I wouldn’t be able to explain that well for you for its a matter of technology that’s involved in. However, Cloudflare calls it as a limitation. May I request you to read the doc for better clarity?

I read it, but I would still like to see the AVIF format working in production before moving my existing services to Cloudflare images.

If you could forward this request to internal team it would be great.

Any updates on this? At least consider it as a feature request.

We’re aware we’re falling back to WebP too often. AVIF can be quite slow to encode, and we don’t want to increase response latency too much or use weaker compression settings that could generate worse file sizes.

Improvements here require changes to our image encoding pipeline, which are a work in progress.


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