"Cloudflare Images". Is it a CDN?

Hello, everyone,

I am reviewing the documentation for Cloudflare Images, and it’s not explicitly stated whether the images will be stored on CDN servers. Nor does it mention the contrary. So, I am wondering if it functions as a CDN?

For context: We have both web and iOS versions of our application, and we handle a substantial amount of image content (about 1,000 images). I am trying to determine if Cloudflare is suitable for us both as a CDN provider for our website and for CDN storage of our images.

Cloudflare Images do use an advantage of our global network.

Cloudflare is more than just a CDN, but media products like Images, Image Resizing and Stream do employ CDN cache.

Having struggled through the confusing documentation, I suspect there is no way to use these worker things to add watermarks, for example, without routing traffic through Cloudflare. It looks like you can do flexible resizing though.

On Cloudinary it’s easy to do lots of “amendments” to images on the fly through URL parameters when serving the image to your app.

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