Cloudflare Images is good

Cloudflare Images to store, resize and deliver images in an affordable way.

I wonder. Can image upload be faster with the CloudFlare image plan?
I still don’t understand exactly this service. Can someone help me?
We threw the image to CloudFlare. Then we take the image link and put it on the site? That’s it?
Thanks your.

As of 2022-01-03, a cache hit from an image request counts against your request count. Until cloudflare fixes this, I would pass on the images offering and stick with S3 or the like. You can still put S3 or other image providers behind cloudflare DNS with caching and there is no charge for cached results when you do this.


I’m confused why CF made this decision it makes this product dead in the water now to me tbh. The delivery pricing is a bit much if you consider that in serving lower quality images + relying on caching you’d most likely end up paying less in egress costs than you would having to pay for each cached and uncached delivery with Cloudflare Images

You would have to keep track of the unique image file URL and format it according to your need.

Here are the instructions for that: