"Cloudflare Images" delivery pricing is based on no. of time requested?

Cloudflare Images pricing structure is $5 per 100k stored (got that)

For images delivered it says $1 per 100,000 images delivered (this is confusing)

For e.g.
Suppose If a same image been deliver 10 times will it count as single image or will it counts based on the number of time image been delivered even if same images.

I think that the writing is fairly clear that you pay for the number of deliveries of the image. The way I interpret this is, if you have an image that is 3KiB big and it is delivered 100K times, you pay $1, and the price is the same if you deliver 1MiB image 100K times.

On average and depending on the size of your images, you may end-up paying more than you would delivering these images from S3 directly.

That is the thing I am not getting if you read the complete post there is not even once mention that cost would be based on no. time delivered or requested (It says “per 100k images”) instead they are marketing it as alternative to those services where “you end up paying every, single time that same image is displayed”
and another Reason that I am asking this is because it doesn’t seem to be big deal for Couldflare to offer such product considering what they already offering like with the Combination of Page rules + Edge cache.

I don’t know but “$1 per 100,000 delivered images” sounds exactly like “based on no. [of] time[s] [image is] delivered or requested” to me. I am not convinced that you are charged if you chose to “orange cloud”/proxy the cloudflare images with your own CDN (basically putting it behind your own domain) instead of utilizing their hierarchical caching.

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