Cloudflare images Delivery 2.2M for 7 days?

Good day,

We are using cloudflare images , we are having a Images delivered of 2.2 million just for 7 days

Here is our website

We are just wondering is this normal? It seems to us the image delivery tends to increase so fast.
The performance is benefitial to us since the images loads amazingly fast on our end users.

Also we are not tech savy users, we are just small business owners trying to figure things out

Here are the stats base on account analytics

Based on Account Analytics for previous 7 days


87.56 GB


Page views


Cached requests

Cached requests rate

Cached bandwidth
73.63 GB

Cached bandwidth rate

Based on Web Analytics for previous 7 days


page views

it will reach morethan 10 million images delivered by the end of month if this trend will keep up.
and cost will hit $100 per month or more, and we are not sure if this normal or correct since we are paying this much


Hi, it does look legit.

By looking at the shopping cart example, this has 12 image per cart - if they are not cached by a browser, they will be served from Cloudflare and counted as Images delivered.

Note that images delivered metric includes both cached and uncached delivered images.

Good day,

Thank you for that respond and clarificaitons.

Also, on our site we are running an image optimazation tool which reduce the size significantly upon uploading photos.

Does image size affects “IMAGE Delivery?” by cloudflare?
Or it will just count all images servered regardless of image sizes?

If image size does not matter , we can opt to disable our image plugin then


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