Cloudflare Images API timeout when listing images

I’m having difficulty listing my images. Both a direct curl API call, and the web interface in the dashboard fail when trying to call the list API.

curl -X GET ""  -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxx" -H "Content-Type: application/json"

That fails after 41 seconds with 504: Gateway time-out.
The dashboard API call is identical except it goes to but still fails after 41 seconds.

Without being able to list my images it can make certain things rather difficult to debug.
I do have 5.8 million images but surely that doesn’t break the API entirely?

Hello, do you have difficulties fetching first page as it is shown at the paste or on consequent pages?

Yep, the first page doesn’t work at all, just like that API call I posted with page=1&per_page=50.
I’ve even tried smaller per_page with no luck (the web UI uses 30).

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