Cloudflare Images API returning malformed URL - NEED HELP

We’re using the Cloudflare Images API and receive a successful upload result. For example: { “filename”: “128.jpg”, “id”: “Mjs4MzAwNzEwNS0yZmRkLTRiNDMtOTdmYy0yMTg1N2QyYzA3YzE=”, “variants”: [ { “name”: “default”, “url”: “” } ] }

However when using the url provided ( to show the uploaded image, we are given the error “malformed URL”.

We’re trying to go to beta but can’t until our project, well, can show images. Can someone help?

Ticket ID 2243554

cc. @zaid

I think Cloudflare Images itself is still in beta.

Sure, but I mean, it WAS working… something was changed about two weeks ago and now it doesn’t work at all. Even the documentation is broken and pulling back malformed url

I would think that it’d be fixed so all testers could keep testing. no?

Zaid is the person who is most likely to be able to help, and normally drops into the Community over the weekend.

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@zaid Would you please comment on the CF Images API. Our platform was just changed over to use it exclusively, and not it’s not working at all. Please help, thanks!

Hey there, I replied to the ticket (#2243554). Can you take a look? Happy to engage further over email ([email protected])

Will you please take another look, it appears that since we were in the beta, now that the product is PR, we actually can NOT use it. Thanks!