Cloudflare images and wordpress

hello all! at the moment I run a wordpress site full of images, however i do plan at some point to move to Cloudflare images. I would like to know however is there a way to migrate every image from my origin webserver to images while having little to no disruption on my wp site?


I don’t think there is some official plugin, but there were topics about this idea to use Cloudflare API to upload those images as they would appear and be uploaded to the WordPress Media Library by default, to the Cloudflare Images product in the process.

Might require some more knowledge and skills to write a PHP plugin for it, if so.

Furthermore, we could levarage this too by using the announced Cloudflare R2 as an object-storage, if so.

There is also a question if you’d like to keep them on your web server, or not, therefore modify the URL and a script to load them into WP Media Library pop-up to select and do the search function of them at Cloudflare Images or Cloudflare R2 object-storage.

I like the idea of more and more people keep coming and asking for it, just we might have to:
a) Either wait for someone to write that out, use it for free or pay for a plugin that kind of
b) Write it individually by our own needs, which might depend on the skills we have
c) Hire someone to do it for us

Until then, I’d suggest you ti kindly and patiently wait for some other reply on these or other forums on that topic.


ah ok thank you! I also have a question with the pricing.
Is ** “Delivery: $1.00 per 100,000 images served (postpaid)”** part of the standard price (ie monthly) or is it only applied if i go over 100k

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