Cloudflare Image Storage Hotlink protection

Hi there,

Any idea on how we can restrict Cloudflare images to show only for a specific domain like Hotlink protection?

I am talking about this service: Simplify and scale your image pipeline with Cloudflare Images, and not the classic images served from the website.

Image URL’s looks like:

Which means everyone who know these URL’s can use my website’s images everywhere and I will pay for each server images. It can be very expensive if one day someone uses my URL’s in a website with a lot of visitors.

How we can do this kind of restrictions in Cloudflare Images directly? Without doing something special with a domain name, on server side etc. etc.

To make it short, what I try to get is:

Maybe also related to: Is there a way to restrict image requests

Hi, there is no perfect solution to it. What would you expect to have?
You can technically serve images through your own domain and set a custom waf rules.

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