Cloudflare Image Resizing in wordpress

Hello. I’m thinking of hiring only the CDN service for images. I have a wordpress blog. Could you give me tips on how to proceed? Any specific material explaining how to deploy this service on images in wordpress? Thank you very much in advance


Thank you for asking.

WordPress itself has got an “image resizing” feature and possibilities already added “by default” process of uplading the images intot he Media Library. I don’t see a need to use Cloudflare for it, however due to my curiosity, may I ask for what exactly would you use this? :thinking:

Nowadays, you can also achieve this with in a combination with the Cloudflare Workers.

Up for now, there is no official plugin and I am afraid you’d have to use Cloudflare API and edit your theme files and call the correct URLs to point to the image sizes within other options like format, etc. from Cloudflare for which you’d want to use this.

Some topics about it:

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