Cloudflare image resizing for gif animated images

Hi there,
I looked through the cloudflare image resizing docs and found that it won’t work with animated gif images. But when I tested it on cloudflare blog, it seems to work fine. Is it because gif resizing works only for websites on cloudflare enterprise and not for business or is the support page outdated. Support pages shows that it was last updated 12 days ago.

original image :[email protected]
resized image:[email protected]


Hi @codebreaker, that might be something the staff needs to check internally on their wiki or with the team as it looks like it works just fine.

From my understanding the Business vs. Enterprise difference is just in the number of included requests per month, before additional costs occur.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok. I will open a support request then.

I already did escalate it here, if it’s not too urgent it will get some attention in the next few hours at the next staff shift.

If you do open a ticket anyway, do post the number here.


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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are working to update the documentation on Understanding Cloudflare Image Resizing – Cloudflare Help Center but in the meantime, please refer to


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