Cloudflare image, R2 and minio

I was planning to use Cloudflare R2 in production and Minio for local development to host images.

Now I see Cloudflare offers an image hosting solution. As far as I can see Cloudflare images does not provide an S3 compatible API.

So I’m wondering how would I deal with local development when using Cloudflare images?

I also wonder why this is a separate service and not integrated into R2?

Images was a thing before R2 and is a completely different product.

Images is a fully managed pipeline - your images are in Images and served from Images. S3 isn’t relevant since it isn’t an object store.

If you want to have image resizing and next-gen formats like AVIF on files you have in R2, you’d use the Image Resizing product instead.

I see, so would you recommend using R2 for image and potential video hosting? What would be the difference in price?

Depends what your needs are - they’re not comparable products.

Images introduces variants, on-the-fly resizing, compression, formats like WEBP and AVIF, etc (

As for videos, Stream provides different qualities, codecs, live streaming with simulcasting, etc (

R2 is just blob storage - you’d be serving your images or videos as-is. If that works for you, then go for it.

Hm… difficult to compare both options on price. And using CF Image or Videos, how would one do local development? The app will be very broken and bugs would not show up until staging.

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