Cloudflare Image Limits


I have an image upload website which users are allowed to upload their own images. up to 100mb per image.

Although I know that even Cloudflare free plan can cache and serve thousands of gigabytes data without limit, I just wanted to make sure that is there any limitation?

Imagine that I have 100 TB of images viewed every day on my website. So will Cloudflare still keep caching and serving those images?

On the other hand, If I’m a pro user, will Cloudflare still be able to compress the images and create a WebP version separately for each image?

I’m a huge fan of Cloudflare and I never want to abuse any service also. Like I said I just wanted to learn if there are any limitation.

Thanks for asking. That sounds like a site that would get booted for violating Terms of Service 2.8:


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