Cloudflare ignores my media queries on mobile devices

I’ve tried Cloudflare at least 4 times now, setting up differently, meaning, first it was through Bluehost, then it was manual using the CF plugin, then back to BH, again with manual but through WP Fastest Cache… and I always end up with the same problem, CF ignores my custom media queries. I use them to show/hide the captions for mbl devices differently than desktop. I am also using WP Mobile Menu and kicks in viewing portrait iPads and phones. This is also messed up.

nameservers are still set to CF but no Proxy for and It’s now showing BH IP.

I’ve read a handful threads about mbl pages not appearing at all, and this also happened to me, and since I don’t know why or can always be reproduced I’ll ignore for now.

I would love to get on the Cloudflare Bandwagon, so, hopefully someone can help me with this issue. Thanks.

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