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Hi there,
I am completely new… I have search for an answer, but I guess I may be asking the question wrong?
My host is a Cloudflare partner, and I have set up Cloudflare through my Cpanel etc.
But my host is saying I need to point my A records to Cloudflare.
What I.P should I use in my A record for Cloudflare?
I hope this makes sense, and would really appreciate your support!
Thanks in advance.


Hello, subscriptions,

This support page will help:

Cloudflare needs to know where to point your IP address.
It works better directly added to Cloudflare’s DNS record.

Under DNS Records > select the drop down.
There is usually a placeholder hint box next which type of record.

Select A tab > add you (name) and your IP address (IPv4 address)

Click the green add button and creates something like:

A | | 1111.11.11.11

If you try to add the wrong type or not in correct sequence, you’ll get a placeholder warning. And try again.

I’m assuming you want CDN too; the grey cloud is for DNS only the orange cloud will include the CDN. See the graphic in the link I posted above.

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Thank you very much for your detailed reply!
Really appreciate your support!