Cloudflare i am under attack and waf rules not working


I setuped i am under attack mode and waf rules to show managed challenges
due to ddos on website
But it is not working I can’t see the manage challenges page on my website

How can I fix it


Once you visit your site and solve the interactive captcha, a cookie is set to prevent the Managed Challenge from showing up again, for the Challenge Passage duration you set at the dashboard. Have you tried visiting your site with incognito mode?

Yes I have tried on different systems and in incognito tab too but same results

Do you mind to share a screenshot of the rules you think are not working?



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Thanks. But I meant the rules expressions. You may replace your domain with or somehow graphically obfuscate your domain or any IP addresses in them.

Ya i did that

I asked for the rule expression, which you have not shared. You shared the list of rules, not their expressions.

Anyway, I’ve tested I’m Under Attack Mode in 2 domains and it is working as expected. Please visit Dashboard > Support > Contact Cloudflare and open a ticket, then post the ticket number here.

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