Cloudflare HTTPS redirect changes?

I’ve been using Cloudflare as the DNS for my domain for over 5 years with no problems.

Previously, when visiting or the page would be served securely as desired, and when visiting or it would not redirect to HTTPS as desired. However, over the past year(?) HTTP requests suddenly started being redirected to HTTPS without me changing anything in the settings.

Is there anything that Cloudflare changed over the past year(?) that could explain this change in behavior? And is there any way I could remedy this issue?

Just for your information, both the @ and www records in my DNS settings are proxied. And the “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” options are turned off.

Never mind :sweat_smile: Seems like this is caused by changes in browser behavior ( Chromium / Firefox ) rather than Cloudflare. When i access my website in Netscape Navigator ( without HTTPS support ) it doesn’t automatically redirect to HTTPS.

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The redirect is caused by HTTPS DNS records. These records tell the browser that the requested site is available over HTTPS, so the browser will automatically redirect you.

Cloudflare publishes these records for any proxied hostnames.

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