Cloudflare + https...long time to load

Hello, I have a question …
My sites with cloudflare + https take a long, long time to load, however the same sites without https load very quickly.
I did the test by uploading them to domains with cloudflare + https and everything is very very slow to load, and then I move them to another domain outside of cloudflare and without https and they fly by speed …

I add … with chache activated in cloudflare.
What I can do?
Thank you.

What’s the domain?

Last night everything was fine, but now it returned to the same slow.

I tell you, it happens in all my domains with https, my main domain is *********.com, (all together obviously) I create websites and in the sample section facing the client is where it is most noticeable. and I make it clear that I have made hundreds of sites and this has only happened for a few days, I contacted ipage and they tell me that they have “nothing to do” that is not the problem from them, haha
I have a private section to show clients the ready sites and that is where the problem is most noticeable, but if I move this to another domain without the use of https … everything is fast as it should be. Eg on a client site, he goes to my site to see it in the private section … and it takes almost 2 minutes to load index…not to speak the other pages … BUT … possibly in a little while. …the page responds very quickly, …and then slow again.
I can send you the links privately, because I do not consider it correct to expose my clients’ sites.

Are you saying that without Cloudflare, your sites load quickly with HTTPS?

I have all my websites on the same hosting (ipage), the ones I have with https are all on cloudflare.
The ones I have with cloudflare + https experience huge drops in loading sites at different times and different times of the day.

When these sites that use cloudflare and are slow, I move them to other domains, which are not in cloudflare and without https, these sites work great.
I did tests … Once I uploaded them to another domain … I test the site with https and it works slowly … and at the same time I test the ones without https and it works great…at the same time…but in different domains, exactly the same sites.

I mean … the difference is when these sites use https in cloudflare.

This has been going on for … a week or a week and a half.

I attach that, I can’t test on another https provider, because I only use cloudflare.
I also add that in ipage (which has its own cache manager …) everything is disabled, I only use the cloudflare cache.
All this happens on sites with and without mysql, so I discard this topic.

At this exact moment, I had to move a site for a client to see how it is ready to deliver, to another domain because it is very slow.

If possible, internally I send you the two links, the one with cloudflare and the one outside cloudflare without https and you will notice the difference.

Now I am deactivating the cache, rocket loader etc …

Updating the information:
I have disabled https and now “PageSpeed Insights” increased the escort in Mobile: 90 / Desktop: 98
And although the sites have improved in loading time … it is still very slow.
My opinion, when removing https from cloudflare, things have improved but still bad, because moving the site out of cloudflare works wonderfully.

Unfortunately, I had to remove my site from cloudflare and everything is now perfectly fine.

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