Cloudflare, how's the impact of QE2 death on the internet?

Dear Cloudflare, please share some insights of the impact of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on the internet. (If there are some significant)

May I ask in which terms or what about are you concerned? :thinking:

How much traffic did we generated over Cloudflare network due to the … searching, sharing about the Queen?, and from/to some specific websites? I am afraid, and doubt that Cloudflare should (and would) post such analytics data if it’s related to something.

Otherwise, maybe some aggregated data on a graph in case if there would be some kind of an internet distruption because a human person dies and too much traffic floods some or more particular websites using Cloudflare services. Unfortunately I don’t know the case.

If so, we would be informed on time in a new topic posted on the official Cloudflare Blog page. Don’t get me wrong about it. I am sorry to hear that kind of news :frowning:

Currently, nowadays media are just waiting for such events which drive more traffic than on regular days and more :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: due to the more ads being served and viewed by the regular + new visitors, because everyone tries to read the most recent news.

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