Cloudflare hosting partner programme


I have a Cloudflare hosting partnership and use it to distribute the Cloudflare free plan to my customers. I contacted support a couple of weeks ago about a suggestion for the hosting partner API (via the partner contact email) who replied that the partner programme had changed and “the only available partner programs we have today revolve around our paid plans.”

I’ve since read about the new partner programme and see no mention of a hosting partner scheme or the ability to resell the free plan, so am somewhat alarmed at this sudden change, having received no communication about it and am unsure of what the situation is with my current partnership as I didn’t receive a reply to my request for clarification.

If Cloudflare is no longer allowing partners to distribute the free plan, does this apply to existing partnerships too (ie there is no longer a Cloudflare hosting partner scheme), or does it just apply to new partner applications?

If so, what will happen to my customer’s Cloudflare accounts and websites, who have signed through my hosting website?

I did ask for clarification, but didn’t receive a reply so thought I’d post this here to see if anyone else was having a similar issue.

Hi @TCZ, can you share the ticket number you received from Support? I’d like to look at the details on our reply.

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Hi @cloonan, thanks for the reply. It wasn’t actually a support ticket, I sent an email to [email protected]. I couldn’t find a way to send private messages on this forum, is there another way I can send this to you?

I will start a private message thread for us to use.