Cloudflare Hosting my webpage with ads!


Yesterday I did a change on the nameservers and today when im going to check on it the only thing I see is “Related Links” when I go on search and look on godaddy I see my domain in sale as if it isn’t mine. After that the page refreshes and changes to Error 1016, I have nothing to do with cloudflare and my new hosting neather. I need to get this page up and want the earnings of them pubishing ads without my permisson on MY webpage. I have the Certificate of ownership. (Sorry my bad english)


By the way, My domain is


Your site isn’t going through Cloudflare. I do see what looks like a working website with a footer saying it’s Powerd by 000webhost.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing?



It could be a DNS problem due to the name server change. These usually fix themselves in a day or two.

What name server change did you do? Were you using Cloudflare?


No, I wasn’t using any Cloudflare service

I changed from Byethost to 000WebHost


From MacOS Terminal, can you type in:

And post the output?


Cloudflare is not an ad service e.g. Google and that image is stating “Error 1016”

Also, your name servers are pointed to your hosting company

However, your Hosting company is using Cloudflare

You’ll need to contact 000webhost as to why they’re having 502 bad gateway problems. Also, you’re getting a lot of 502’s with too


While they may ultimately be using Cloudflare’s name servers, there’s nothing in the response headers that indicate it’s proxied by Cloudflare.

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