Cloudflare hosting my site but I dont have an account with them

I recently had a company build my website for me, and it came out poorly. I am having another company fix it, and we realize that blue hosting (who I have been paying for) is not even hosting the site and that Cloudflare is currently hosting.

I asked Cloudflare to explain how they were hosting the site. Was it because I originally purchased the domain through Godaddy, did the company I had build my site ignore my instructions to use blue host?

Cloudflare will not tell me anything because I do not have an account with them.


Cloudflare is not a web host. It proxies your website, like a firewall.

If you want to get off of Cloudflare, just go to your domain registrar and set your name servers back to the Bluehost ones, or wherever your site is actually hosted.

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