Cloudflare hosting fraudulent site

Hi, so it looks like Cloudflare are hosting a scammers website: handlebarcontrols-dot-com
Their Facebook, LinkedIn, email buttons do nothing for example. I purchased some handlebar risers just over a month ago and I finally received my package which was a novelty ring worth nothing.
Could you look into it please and remove their fraudulent website.

You can submit a complaint at

I tried that but it kept me going in circles

Not sure what that means, but that form is the only way to submit a complaint. The community cannot help here.

Probably not, but more likely someone at Cloudflare will read it than the chatbot option. Be much easier if they had an email or live chat. Report abuse option was a non goer

I am afraid, as mentioned, that form is the only way to submit such a complaint. If you have difficulties submitting it, maybe try another browser.