Cloudflare hosted domain: What IP addresses to set in A, AAAA and CNAME records?

Apologies if this has already been answered - but I can’t find it.

I transferred a domain to be hosted by CF. All good, but DNS records did not get automatically updated and while the nameservers have been changed to CF, all other DNS records point back to the old registrar.

I have correctly updated/changed the MX and TXT records (for _dmarc and spf1 etc) but the DNS records page still says:

" Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that xxx will resolve."

The tutorial tells me what records to change and add, BUT specifically, it doesn’t say what IP address to use if CF is the registrar/host for the domain - and there is no web server, just CF as the registrar.

Can you tell me the answers to the questions in bold?

A @ [what IP address?] What Proxy status to set?

AAAA @ [what IPv6 address?] what proxy status to set?

CNAME @ [what target?] what proxy status to set?


Cloudflare is not your host. You would point those records to whatever is hosting your website content.

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DNS records point to your host, not your registrar. They should stay the same after transferring your domain.

These should point to your email provider and also shouldn’t have changed.

If you have no webserver, then you have no website. Did you cancel your previous hosting service when you transferred your domain to Cloudflare?

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My apologies to you all. I realise that I have been a complete Muppet:

I have no website connected to the domain I have just transferred in to CF. I am just using CF for domain parking - there is no www associated with the domain anywhere.

The problem is, that at my old domain parking host, there must have been a parking page, which would have had DNS records pointing to it. Once I had transferred the domain to CF, those records were still pointing at my old domain host AND every time I want to the DNS settings page on CF, I was getting the (apparent) error message about " Add an A, AAAA, or [CNAME] record for www so that xxx will resolve."

All A, AAAA and CNAME records now deleted, I’ll now work out how to use dev pages to with which to create a holding page - and will make a new CNAME to point at that.


You do realise that you don’#t need a live hosting or any one page holding page to use CF?

The only requirement is to make sure that Cloudflare Supplied DNS address is entered at your domain Registrar’s website so that when somebody types yourdomain[.]com, it goes to CF but as you don’t have any websites, it just ignores.

The CF DNS servers are different for different people so there is no point in giving them here. You might also want to make sure that your emails are redirected to any free email hosting services such as Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL. When you have done this, you can get emails to your personal domain on these free services.

Hope this helps.