Cloudflare Hijacked my Nameserver and Domain

For more than 2 weeks, I want to change my nameservers in my registrar, but registrar can’t do it and they say contact cf, the issue is on their end. Cloudflare replied me with a huge delay and they told me try another non cloudflare nameserver, then after this, change to cloudflare nameserver. I replied them that even non cloudflare nameserver is not possible and not possible to do anything. Since then, they didn’t bother themselves to fix this issue. Anyone has any solution for this?


Hi @amiremami1989,

Ultimately, the response from support is correct, they need to validate your ownership of the domain before they can do anything.

More information on the issue:

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I can’t change nameserver in my registrar. And I can’t believe the terrible support of cloudflare.

Cloudflare’s response:

Registrar’s response:

Cloudflare is saying: “you will need to temporarily move the nameservers to a different DNS provider”

Which DNS? I don’t have any other DNS! Besides of this, registrar is saying, we don’t accept any nameserver.

Cloudflare’s response in twitter:

So, neither cloudflare nor registar fix this issue. What else solution I have?

What is not clear about @domjh’s response?

If you dont have another nameserver you need to get one. provides that service for example.


Hi @amiremami1989, as Support let you know, if you are the owner of the domain, you will need to temporarily move the nameservers to a different DNS provider. Registrars will often offer a basic level of this service. Once you have migrated to a different DNS provider, please add the DNS record as you were requested by Support.

@domjh Hi, can you please tell me why you keep closing my topic without a solution? I want to add a reply there but I can’t. Can you please open it?

My reply:

Thank you so much Sandro for additional help.

I checked, but unfortunately couldn’t find out, how I can get a nameserver to enter in my registrar. Is there specific section that you can guide me to?

Thanks @cloonan for your help. The registrar is DK HOSTMASTER which is for dk domains and not provides any service of moving temporarily nameservers.

I need to temporarily move the nameservers to a different DNS provider. For example I tried:

But the registrar didn’t let me to change this either.

Registrar?s response:


Hi there,

I didn’t close anything or interact in your topic in any way since my first reply.

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Hi @amiremami1989, the topic is closed because the correct answer was provided (several times here and by Support, actually). Until you change nameservers as suggested, you’ll not be able to move forward.

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I don’t think will work, they require you update your domain before they will activate a zone too (unless they have an exception for these domains that implement checking).

Do you have an account there? I think the point is that you need to change to nameservers that will respond authoritatively for your domain.

Who is your web hosting provider right now? Or are you running a VPS or otherwise self-hosting?

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Sorry @domjh , I thought maybe you closed it.

@cloonan Thanks, I purchased a hosting on siteground and could successfully change my nameservers in my registrar. Now, it seems I need to write TYPE/NAME/VALUE in my old cloudflare account, did I get this correctly? If yes, the old cloudflare account is a built in feature in my old hosting which is abandoned.

@thedaveCA Thanks a lot for the help : )

Old hosting: wphostingspot
New hosting only for fixing dns: siteground
new main hosting: vultr

The registrar is DK HOSTMASTER, not accepts any nameserver. It accepts only nameservers that hosting registered them and is clear that should point to my domain. That’s why I purchased siteground to fix this. Now fixed, but old hosting is abandoned. What now? :confused:

** Here it says: This topic will automatically close in 4 hours. How can I stop this?!

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Correct, @amiremami1989, if you can add the TXT record with the details Support supplied and then reply to Support to tell them you’ve done that step, they’ll take the next step. I’ll keep an eye out on this topic and set it to automatically stay open until next Monday and will re-open as needed until you’re ready & set.


Thank you so much <3

But the wphostingspot is abandoned. They are not there anymore and not replies the tickets. There isn’t any other option? If not, this means, I can’t use cloudflare’s DNS never.

You can use Siteground, assuming they let you customize your DNS records. You don’t need to do anything on your old host in terms of DNS updates.

@thedaveCA Just to be sure if I understood you correctly, You mean completely removing cloudflare from equation? Because siteground is not my hosting. I use vultr. I only purchased siteground to able to change the ns in my strict registrar.

Vultr offers DNS. Have you tried setting it to Vultr’s name servers?

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Thank you so much @sdayman , I didn’t know vultr provides DNS. I used that and my problem solved, thanks a lot for this valuable suggestion that saved me.

Also, thanks a lot to all of the guys who helped me, thanks.

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