Cloudflare & Heroku DNS setup fail

Greetings - I’m trying to set up Cloudflare DNS to resolve to a Heroku app. I’m used to traditional hosting so pretty sure I’m missing something in this environment, but not sure what.

NS records are at my registrar, pointing to

Heroku provides an alias URL rather than an IP so on Cloudflare I have CNAME records as follows:

CNAME   MYDOMAIN.COM   [heroku alias url1]    Automatic     [orangecloud]
CNAME   WWW                      [heroku alias url2]    Automatic     [orangecloud]

I also have MX records pointing at GMail but not expecting those to work until the Domain resolves which is so far failing.

It seems almost unnatural to me to not have an A RECORD but given that Heroku doesn’t provide one, the CNAME record seems to be the only option.

Any help on what I’m missing?

MTW - in a blowser [heroku Alias url1] and [heroku alias url2] both resolve to the standard ‘nothing here yet’ Heroku page.


That would suggest your Cloudflare setup is correct, but the service does not recognise your domain. You’d also need to configure your domain at their end

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Thanks for the link, I’ll read through that but unless I’m way off base the in-browser resolution of the Heroku Alias URL ( actually means that the Heroku setup is correct but that the request is never getting there, where gets me back to DNS setup, right ?

Well, considering you do get their default page I’d assume the request does end up with them but - as mentioned before - they dont know what to do with it as that very mapping is missing.

Sorry, not trying to be difficult but I still have to disagree, as pinging MYDOMAIN.COM produces ‘cannot find host’ which can only come from the DNS system not resolving the domain name, right?

Since there are no DNS records on Heroku, unless I’m totally misunderstanding how DNS works in a cloud environment I don’t understand how that can be a Heroku issue.

May as well share - the domain is SEREXX.COM

That domain does not resolve at all and appears to be suspended by the registry

Thats something you should clarify with your registrar.

ahh ok, thanks!

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