Cloudflare helps Trustbank reduce server costs by 90% and improve site performance

Trustbank is the operator of “Furusato Choice”, a charitable donation site aligned with Japan’s “hometown tax” program. The site allows users to make tax-deductible donations to municipalities across Japan to support various development initiatives—all as a part of Trustbank’s mission of “creating an independent and sustainable region.”

Trustbank handles a wide variety of information on its hometown tax donation site. This includes payment data, which is always a serious security consideration. In addition, the site was being run without a Content Delivery Network (CDN) because it was read-only, initially. So when site traffic started increasing, Trustbank began searching for a CDN solution that could be used on a trial basis.

At that point, they were introduced to Cloudflare. Trustbank’s business was still small in scale when they first tried Cloudflare, so they began with a free plan. Read more to find out what happened next.

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