Cloudflare helps the CARS24 ecommerce platform stay one step ahead of DDoS attacks

As a thriving autotech ecommerce platform, CARS24 depends on security, stability, and availability to ensure frictionless transactions in a market fraught with buyer and seller insecurity.

“Convenience and consumer peace of mind are the most important services we provide,” explains Marut Singh, the CARS24 CTO overseeing the company’s tech stack, application architecture, and security. “Although the process looks very simple, there are many underlying complexities,” he adds, referring to consumer confidence as well as the regulations, logistics, and systems required to evaluate, acquire, refurbish, photograph, and finance the purchase of each vehicle.

In their quest for a security solution, CARS24 tried several vendors before Cloudflare, but none of them ticked all the boxes. [Find out why Cloudflare was different](

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