Cloudflare helps MyRepublic accelerate their web applications by moving content closer to the user

MyRepublic is a TelcoTech platform offering telecommunications services in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. MyRepublic is the world’s first telecommunications company powered by a proprietary cloud platform and is one of the fastest growing telecom operators in the Asia-Pacific region. MyRepublic has operations across Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia. MyRepublic primarily offers fibre broadband services in all four countries as well as ADSL plans in Australia, VDSL services in New Zealand, and cable TV packages in Indonesia. The company has a combined subscriber base of 200,000 across the four countries. MyRepublic relies on Cloudflare’s network of data centers in 250 cities to save bandwidth and improve loading/response times with Cloudflare Workers. Read the whole story.

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