Cloudflare having an impact on Ajax?

Hey, this may well be a dumb question but I am experiencing some weirdness with my site and I’m not even sure that Cloudflare is the cause but wanted to get your opinions to hopefully rule out Cloudflare.

I have recently updated our Wordpress site with new theme and functionality (allowing users to create an account & sign in). We initially set it all up on a staging account which was an exact replica of our production as you would expect. Everything was working great on staging so we moved to production. When we were live the ability for users to login is no longer working and we are unable to find out why. The dev team for the plugin have said that it looks like the Ajax call is being blocked during login.

As the staging and production set up are identical, other than Cloudflare being set up on production my thought drifted over to being a possible issue that Cloudflare is causing. Not sure how.

What are your thoughts? Am I barking up the wrong tree? It would be great to rule out it being a Cloudflare issue.



A bit hard to answer, as you have not provided any exact error messages, and I can’t test your logging in without login obviously. I did see it was Wordpress, so I did try wp-login.php with false credentials, and it just reported “Error: invalid email address” without anything seemingly being blocked.

Cloudflare does not generally have an impact on Ajax, except in some cases if you are using Cloudflare WAF (firewall) and ajax POST (posting suspicious data to server). The only other option that could interfere with javascript behavior could be the CF ROCKET LOADER, which you might want to try to disable.

Thanks for looking into this, imagevuex. Appreciated.

Regarding an error message, we don’t have access to these. I can try to get these from the developer.

The process that we are trying to achieve from site, is there a user button in the header when clicked a pop-up appears for login details. Enter the details and the expectation is that the user is logged in. However, it just returns them back to the site to the following page: without logging them in.

I disabled CF ROCKET LOADER, but that didn’t seem to do anything for the login.

Perhaps CF isn’t the issue, but at least wanted to check first before ruling it out.


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