Cloudflare have VietNam location but my site store in Singapore

My location and visitors in only form Vietnam but when I check cdn-cgi/trace it show colo=SIN . It’s not a problem if my country don’t having any problem with connecting outside VietNam (ping to 200ms , 50~% packetloss) so I want to change cache location to VietNam and opened new ticket request to use VietNam location but still didn’t get any response form suuport for a week??

This is my pingging in midnight 2:00 AM . It become more terrible in day and night .

In short, you cant change the location as there is no “location” in the first place. Your ISP decides where you are being routed to.


That is not entirely true. I live in Delhi. Some of the website show Delhi or india as colo location. While on business plan my site is showing LHR a different continent. ISP remain the same.

If ISP define everything CDN will completely loose its purpose.

But they are different IP ranges, unfortunately ISPs define everything. Cloudflare could technically move you, but then the increase in traffic on those IPs would probably make the ISP change the peering agreements and ruin it for everyone. It’s a fine balance…

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All is liar man !
I all with all ISP in Vietnam and color always SIN .
Another site in my account ( same account ) is show colo is NRT ( Japan) . So how to explain it?? It mean cloudflare decided it.
How about difference location still same ip??

Same account doesn’t mean same IP. Secondly plan level can change availability. Third it may be offloaded for some specific reason, but normally it’s done via a change in IP since you can’t really ignore a request for one IP at a specific POP if you announce that IP as the record.

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Please, just read the linked article.

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