Cloudflare Hates Adblocker Browser

I can get as far as clicking on the link for a story on fanfiction (dot) net. Once I do, the “Checking the site connection is secure” page just sits there. It won’t go any further. I want Cloudflare removed from fanfiction (dot) net. immediatly!

I am guessing that you do not own the domain in question, is that correct? If so, you need to email the folks that do own the domain and ask them why you cannot access the site.

Are you getting an error? You may want to disable any ad blockers and/or try incognito mode. Running privacy pass is also a good idea.

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Adblocker browser is just that, a browser that automatically blocks any and all ads, which is why I use it to read on fanfiction (dot) net. Multiple people have asked that it be removed from the site, but it’s still on there, and apparently increased. It didn’t use to interfere with the adblocker browser readers.

:point_up: that’s the route multiple people will need to take. The decision on how a site is protected rests with the site owner, not Cloudflare.