Cloudflare hasn't sent verification code?

Why isn’t the verification code being sent to my business email that I have and I’m using with Cloudflare??

Your email address may be on the suppression list due to an opt-out, or bounces.

Send a message to support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here so we can escalate it for re-opening and investigation.

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I’ve had the email for years and I just don’t understand why the email wasn’t already verified. I called support, but, because I"m on the free plan, they won’t help. I just sent an email to support at [email protected].

I don’t understand where I can find a ticket number since it was an email I sent through my gmail.

Okay, I do see the ticket number on the email. It’s: 2509867

Got it. I’ve added that ticket # to the escalation queue.

Thank you. I appreciate your help! I hope that I can get this resolved. It’s a real stuck place right now in getting my new email provider set up.

I found it why I can’t verify that email. It’s because it’s no longer working since I moved the domain to NameCheap. But, I tried to change the email and the Cloudflare system won’'t allow me to use a different email! Any ideas as to what’s going on? I’ll see if I can try again.

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