Cloudflare has restricted access to my site due to a video

good evening, I have a question. cloudflare said I violated section 2.8 simply because I had a video on my site and users were viewing it. how can i reactivate cloudflare and allow users to view that video? Do I have to buy any extra services or upgrade my plan?

A single video shouldn’t be the reason for that, especially not if it was in a regular website context. Are you sure that was the case?

Anyhow, only the responsible Cloudflare team can make a call here and you will need to talk to them and follow up to the ticket you received, the community can’t do anything.

As for a paid service, that term applies to all plans. You might want to check out Cloudflare Stream. The other thing you could do is serving the video from an unproxied record, but of course you will still need Cloudflare to enable your account again.

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