Cloudflare has observed issuance of the following certificate

I get 3 emails like this in two weeks is that normal ?

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From my experience, yes.

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I dont know in the email it alwayes say issuance validity period is one month, in the SSL manager it say one year

This is Certificate Transparency monitoring.

It allows you to monitor certificates that are issued for your domain and, normally, Cloudflare doesn’t send notifications about certificates it issues for itself.

Do check what those certificates are, because if you haven’t manually issued them or have no services who should do so, it might be a bad actor or some forgotten service somewhere.

TLDR, pay attention to those notifications.

I dont know I tried to contact CF support a bot replaied to ask the community and marked solved !! I only bought the domain from CF dont know what to do

It’s definitely not an issue with Cloudflare, no one here, nor in Support can help you figure that out.

You need to search the web about that, look at what it has been issued and investigate.

In fact this post in community seems answer my question

and this

That is a different thing, though.

You asked for “what are these CT monitoring email I am receiving”.
I know that Cloudflare now issues certificates from DigiCert, Let’s Encrypt and Google Trust Services. Those are normally not sent in CT emails from Cloudflare, excluding some of the certs from Cloudflare services that are available (e.g. Pages, etc.)

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