Cloudflare Has Lost its Mojo

I have been using this platform for a very very long time and I have seen many iterations of it. The last year has been horrible. Things break in my account, I have billing issues, Edge Browser does not work AT ALL with your Human Check, I submit a ticket and it takes days and days to resolve the problem, currently I have at least 3 areas of my account where I get a random RED error message that tells me nothing of what is actually wrong.

Problem after Problem after Problem with Cloudflare as of late.

I have gone from a White Knight to someone who is seriously considering another platform.

You need to get your act together Cloudflare because you are not the only game in town.

Hi @troy3 I see your ticket 3199081 and the reply from my colleague earlier this week indicating they have escalated your request to the appropriate team. My Billing colleagues will continue to assist you on that ticket 3199081.

If you have any tickets open with a different account that have not yet been addressed, please feel free to link the ticket number(s) here so I can assist!

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I only have the 1 account and I have not heard from your people except for them saying the engineers are working on it. I cannot understand why it takes so long to resolve this issue.