Cloudflare has blocked third party provider's hostname and IPs

The following are the hostnames and IPs of the 3rd party service provider we are using.–xx9.xx8.1.xx9–xx9.xx8.2x.1x–xx9.xx8.4.16

Cloudflare has blocked these IPs so they cannot send any callback request to our hosts even we allow in the WFA rule. Anyone suggest how can I resolve this issue?


Cloudflare does not capriciously block anyone’s hostname or IP address. You’re probably seeing instead the result of Cloudflare tools enabled for your domain.

In order to prevent these IPs from being blocked, you need to adjust your settings. Please see this answer to a similar question and adjust your WAF settings accordingly.

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Hi cbrandt,
Thanks a lot for your reply.How show I resolve below issue?

If you own the website, follow the suggestions I linked to in my first reply.

If you’re not the site owner, contact them. Cloudflare provides the tools, but it’s up to site owners to decide which requests to block.

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