Cloudflare hack my website with nginx proxy

Hi, I can not solve a problem.
They are phishing me with my server.
My website:

Use Nginx and php 7.2 with plesk updated everything …
The fact is that I cloned the web in real time with Cloudflare and changed some parameters with some script
phishing web example →
how do they do that?
I try to block it in nginx with deny and ip ranges from Cloudflare and it does not work, nor with variables in nginx like $ host $ host_name and I have tried everything, but it replaces these variables of its domain with mine and it is impossible. In PHP I also put $ _SERVER variables and also replace my host name with mine.
I do not know what to do, any help?
they should block this site from Cloudflare
any advice? Thank you

Cloning a website is as easy as opening a door. And it’s not Cloudflare. It’s one of their customers. :wink:
Kali Linux comes with tools that automate this process and clones a page within a few seconds.
Are Cloudflare IPs hitting your server?

Blocking Cloudflare IPs is jst a quickfix. Here is a list of all addresses Cloudflare is currently using:

Please send an email to abuse(@)
They will deal with them.

your header comes from Cloudflare. I have tried everything, blocking the ips from nginx, but I can not do it. I do not understand, as there are no simple solutions to this.

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