Cloudflare Grade E

I installed Cloudflare but I am getting an grade E on Gtmetrix. All comments are GREEN.
Cloudflare → Minify here + Rocket Loader
W3Total Cache → Cache via Redis on server
WP-Optimize → Database optimisation
WP Cloudflare Super PAge Cache
Avada theme

See rapport here/

Is Cloudflare paused or is developer mode enabled? If so, try un-pausing CF and disabling developer mode and see if that fixes the issue!

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The link you provided shows: Grade D

Cloudflare is not a magic tool, that will solve all of your problems. Not yet. It will mostly improve backend perofrmance, but will not really be able to improve a shitty frontend. Since you are using Wordpress I am not shocked by this bad grades. Most Wordpress pages do perform bad in the frontend. Even if some are performing ok, 99% are not perofrming well.

Also: you have meassured a dynamic page hosted in the Netherlands from Canada, it ofc is expected to perform worse far away from the origin if the initial request is not cached. Try to register at GTmetrix and test from London, which is available for registered users.

But to sum things up, your problem:

  1. is not related to Cloudflare
  2. is rooted in your bad frontend template
  3. can be concealed, but never solved/fixed by Cloudflare
  4. is frontend related. (No matter how much you speed up your backend, it will not affect it a lot, if at all)

Cloudflare is active.
Anybody knows how this is possible?

Hi Martin,
Could you please check more in depth what is the error. As it appears the error comes from TTFB Backend slow 600ms. And 3 other items with a long waiting time in the waterfall?
I dont know what to do anymore, as my server garantees its not an issue with the server.

In your test it indeed does have a bad TTFB, but running my own tests just supports my previous statement.

Have a look here: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix

TTFB is at ≈130ms, like a lot of other requests and is at least not very slow. For meassuring from canada:

But like I I stated before: even if you had a perfect TTFB ≈20ms, is just would be 100ms faster, the problem here is 100% related to a very bad frontend template. Your server, NOR Cloudflare is responsible for this, but:

  1. your Theme
  2. Wordpress (not directly tho)

You can see what’s causing it on the “Waterfall” tab of GTMetrix.

Your site uses a lot of third-party scripts, such as Facebook, Google, and others.

Conflicting or incorrect plugin settings can also cause loading speed problems.

Please help what I can do?

Reading and understanding this:

This problem is not a Cloudflare problem, it relates to your bad optimized theme/frontend.

Oke → thanks. I was maybe hoping someone could point out where the main errors were…

I did. The main errors are in the frotend template.
If you want a more detailed analysis feel free to see the details at GTmetrix or at Google PageSpeed Insights. They show what exactly is wrong.

I know that these two benchmarks are a little lax and not very strict and also do not analyse everything possible, but thats the best you get. Maybe one day Cloudflare will up the game and provide proper benchmarks/speedtests…

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If it were me, then I would:

-Changing themes with lighter ones. Some fancy themes are nice to look at but not great in performance.

Do not use the translate plugin or other plugins that use third-party scripts. I.E., a social media plugin that requires a call on its site.

-Reduce unnecessary plugins.

-Uses Google fonts internally.

-Disabled Rocket Loader

-Compress images.

Are you using the Cache Plugin?

As we all know, incorrect plugin (and theme) settings can make a site slow and increase CPU resources.

Try to do some experiments as I mentioned and see the results.

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