Cloudflare, Google pagespeed Module, Shortpixel AI

Currently I run all three of the above ‘speed it up’ modules/plugins/caching solutions

If I run GTMetrix on my site I get ‘F’ and ‘F’, if I immediately run it again I get ‘A’ and ‘A’ , this issue is repeatable. I asked GTMetrix and they suggested that my setup was causing issues and there answer was

'If you prefer ease-of-use then I think you can use Cloudflare. If, however, you like to be in control of the setup and want things done a certain way, you’re better off with Google PageSpeed module.

We suggest you select either of the two, and not use both of them together. PageSpeed module does have optimization capabilities, so you probably don’t need to use ShortPixel. ’

Which seems reasonable, but Cloudflare has optimisation capabilities too, no?

If I pause Cloudflare it remains more consistently at ‘A’ ‘A’ but I prefer cloudlfare to manage and I have a number of sites on it.

Does anyone have any simple insight as to what a website should have by way of optimising pagespeed?

I might try switching them off, running tests, and switching back on again. but if there is an obvious no no with my conflicting apps above then please let me know.

there are two type of CDN push and pull. Cloudflare is not a push cdn. In first attempt your page gets cached into edge location. So second attempt gives you data from edge location hence better result.

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OK progress…

There is a good plugin that seems to manage WP and Cloudlfare well :- WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache

and a website that explainied the vraious settings and integrations:-

How to Speed up WordPress on Plesk Hosting
So a few changes to settings in Plex on my VPS and a general flushing of all caches, a gradual re install of the plugins and testing and all now seems well…until the next issue, but that is in the future (hopefully far)

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