Cloudflare + Google Analytics

Recent updates from cloudflare and with all cloudflare’s dns re-routing issues they have been implementing. It appears as though cloudflare is affecting google analytics traffic. Potentially affecting seo positioning.

Anyone else experiencing funny fluctuations when bypassing cloudflare’s dns?

What changes / fluctuations are you seeing on your end?

If it’s just a recent DNS issue then it would be too early to see any rank change, I think.

Google Analytics looks normal for me. No obvious problems on Google Search Console - my average position, CTR, impressions, clicks are up slightly or no change.

Hi Trichstir,

There are a few things you can do depending on the setup / traffic of a website that will increase and allow you to see how things are changed. Need to understand dns propogation, where google crawl bots reside and how that links to a website + caching.

But in short, cloudflare’s caching used to work beautifully with w3 total cache on a wordpress website, however I am slowly losing faith in these two systems talking to each other. (Could be a number of other reasons - it’s too early to actually say a root cause or verify if cloudflare is actually affecting things).

But I would presume you are going to be receiving crawl errors when cloudflare sets up a dns re-route without warning to the server or caching plugins which could potentially cause a mixed-content error due to the ip change from re-routing

Well, the last update to crawl stats on my Google Search Console was a week ago (no errors) so if it happened just recently I guess I wouldn’t see it there yet. I’ll have to look in to other ways to find out later.

Are you using Cloudflare APO? It can cause conflicts with some caching systems. I know WP Rocket isn’t really compatible with APO yet. It does work and you’ll see most of the benefits, but the two systems don’t sync properly. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing with W3.