Cloudflare Godaddy Wordpress SSL Error

I have a website , which is hosted on godaddy managed wordpresss, last month i moved to Cloudflare as cdn provider. I followed wpbeginner blog for enabling Cloudflare, Everything worked fine. But yesterday intermittently my website started showing HTTP520 error. I went through lot of articles and Cloudflare discussions where same issue is reported by users.
I also run this command
curl -svo /dev/null WEBSITEURL --connect-to ::SERVER_IP

and it shows me error - connection reset by peer

as i was unable to solve this error from godaddy server. I switched back to godaddy cdn and ssl.

now when i am hitting the curl i am able to see proper logs.

I have two questions

  1. Do i need to install plugin like Flexible SSL for Cloudflare or Really Simple SSL in my wordpress , if i enable Cloudflare as my CDN provider.?
  2. Although I am on Godaddy Managed Wordpress Free SSL plan, but if i move to Cloudflare CDN, is godaddy removes ssl from my origin error, resulting in this 520 error.


Thank you for asking.

Ye, unfortunately true and I am sorry to hear this you are also affected by it :confused:

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