Cloudflare Global Rate Limit Concerns

The documented global API rate limit is 1200 requests per five minutes

According to the same document, enterprise customers can request to increase this limit. Is there a hard cap to this limit? I heard that 9999 was the cap but there’s no official documentation indicating such.

Our application is designed around Cloudflare being our main ingestion hub for Images and Videos using Images+Stream. However this doesn’t seem to be scalable due to Cloudflare API limits.

Even 9999 requests per 5 minutes during peak traffic is not a whole lot. Apps with 50k Monthly active users can easily hit that.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that this is the global API limit. Meaning that user traffic can potentially compromise our data plane and prevent us from making any changes. What if we need to revoke a token of an application that is causing the surge of traffic?

Note that the above is assuming Cloudflare Images and Stream uploads counts towards this API limit.