Cloudflare giving two sets of contradictory stats

Can someone explain to us the difference between the stats here: and the stats here:
The first stats give the impression of many visits. The second stats give the impression that almost no-one is viewing our site. We are becoming very concerned about the lack of visits.

Web Analytics is a JavaScript beacon (think of Google Analytics) that only browsers (that aren’t using adblock) will load and traffic analytics are anything that goes through a proxied record.

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Hi KianNH,
Thank you for your kind responses, which I think I now understand. So the web analytics, which reflect low traffic, are much closer to your website counter’s record. This means that our site visits are disturbingly low. Our site has been going since 2006 and has had about 5 times when it was off-line for longish periods or dysfunctional. The last time was about three months ago, and it was more or less off-line for a month prior to that. It has never had such low rates of visits. I really wonder what is happening and how I might find out.

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