Cloudflare giving my site problems

I have installed cloudflare twice now, but each time i do, some of the items on my site will not display and other times some pages will not come up, i complained to theme developer he said alot of cache is going on i should contact cloudflare for support. I use wordpress with my listing theme,is there any one with similar theme and similar problem that he solved? or how do i go about it as my site is live.

Hi @user1271,

That is limited info to go on, however, it sounds like it could be mixed content

I appreciate your response but i have a secured site and i dont think it is a mixed content, what i meant is that the css attributes or java will not load in a bid to send content faster, which makes the site fast but so many pages will be missing, like my explore page will load but so many items will be missing on my front end display.

Oh, I see! Guessing from the description with common issues!

Check if Rocket Loader is enabled under ‘Speed’ I’m your dashboard.

It was enabled but i removed it. rocket launcher and cache was my guess from the initial, but i really need a setting that can go with the theme.

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